Sunday, September 11, 2011


Mama: Earline, how are your classes going at the University?

Earline: It’s only been a couple weeks, but most everything is ok, I guess.

Mama: Tell me more, please. You don’t really sound very excited.

Earline: Well, it’s great that a lot of the other kids in my classes are athletes living and training here. That gives us a lot in common to talk about.

Mama: Yes, you all have similar goals and schedules. When I chartered the Univ… Um… Er.. Yes, and you will have lots of study partners close by.

Earline: But Chemistry…

Mama: Are you getting help from Zebrudus? 

Earline: I know you said he would be with me in class, but you didn’t say he would be teaching it. Now I have to call him Dr. Z. 

Mama: It is only temporary until next semester. And he is qualified to teach the class.

Earline: But this is so much harder than high school. And there is so much homework.

Mama: Earline, life is hard work. Everything worthwhile comes with work, sacrifice and time spent appropriately invested in the pursuit of a sought goal. Even if you do well over the next year athletically, you need an education and alternate career path as a means to support yourself. Money doesn’t just come knocking at your door… usually um…

Earline: But I don’t know what I want to do for a job yet. 

Mama: You are young and don’t need to figure out everything yet. Give it some time. Your classes will expose you to many new ideas. You will grow into whatever your future holds. That is why you need to take a variety of classes in many diverse subjects. You may just find that something clicks.

Earline: But I just want to swim. I am good at it and feel successful swimming. I am myself and happy.

Mama: Had you been meant to stay in the water your entire life you would have been born an aquatic creature, not a human.  Now go study for a couple hours and then relax.

Earline: Yes, ma’am but I would rather study H2O.


Mama: She is settling in well?

Zebrudus: Yes, although the look on her face when she realized I was teaching her class was %&*GGD!#  :{}{?<MN__)*T  JO)^$.

Mr. Muscles: Young promising and professional athletes are among the most poorly educated people, frequently receiving even less formal education than drop outs. Their lives are often driven by sport related activities and they lack exposure to the ways of the world. They can become victims of unscrupulous “helpers”. They are often naïve and can be swayed by quick riches and fame.

Mama: That is one reason for this institute and the Olympic housing nearby. Many of the campus staff  have played NCAA or professional sports or competed at some national or international level. They will be quite helpful. I am glad we could gather so many of them here, even for just a short time for some of them.

Mr. Muscles: And does Chemistry agree with Earilne?

Zebrudus: As with many of the students they are thinking only sports. But I have managed to put the atomic universe in terms of track lanes and diving scores. Well, I am off to prepare more metaphors.  )VCT^U  NOI_(   MKM&^*/POHl))8.

Mama: (&GK*  H&IT^   %p;$%&.  (Zebrudus exits)

Mr. Muscles: I think we need to investigate some science this evening.

Mama: You want to ensure our Chemistry is active, do you?

Mr. Muscles: (Drawing Mama into his arms) It may be time for some new experiments.

Mama:  Do I need to take notes? (giggles)

Mr. Muscles: Not really- You wrote the first chapter… and the second… and the third…