Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mama Cleans Out the Closet- Part 2

Mama: Earline- Make sure you file Wayne’s letter in the correct tax deduction folder. With a project this size, every write off we can squeeze out helps.
Earline: OK, Mama. Are you feeling better today? I was a little scared yesterday. I am glad Muscles was right downstairs when you started shaking like that in those boots. I am glad he was here to administer mouth to mouth.
Mama: *Giggles* I am fine, dear. I just needed a couple hours to relax. This is a huge endeavor, renovating the entire 300 room hotel for Olympic athlete housing.
Earline (glancing at letter): Mama, who is Wayne?  What collection is he talking about? What other junk was in that closet?
Mama: Wayne is a dear “friend” from the past. He is one of the Las Vegas Legends from the 60’s and 70’s- way before your time. When the gambling industry started to take a hit he almost single handedly brought Las Vegas back to be the new, improved entertainment spot. He and Tom, of course.
Earline: How could he do this alone?
Mama: Well, let’s just say he had some persuasive advice and support from an interested party. He and Tom, both. It’s not unusual…(hums)
Earline: What is this collection he mentions? I know about those ugly boots, but sequin suits, 4 wigs, 6 bolts of fringe? Platform shoes? A case of Maribou feathers? A barrel of Brylcreme? What are pasties?
Mama (grabs letter): Let me see that. Hm… He must be mistaken. I never wore… Oh- never mind.
Earline: Who would collect  and keep all this useless stuff and why would selling it at a closed auction net over five million dollars?
Mama: Earline, dear, some people will pay an awful lot so information and items stay closed and sealed. DNA testing is a powerful tool.
Earline: So you and Wayne were friends? He said he remembers one weekend in October 19…
Mama: Earline- get back to your filing.
Earline: Yes, ma’am.
Mama: Too bad he can’t smile the way he used to. Botox does have a downside.
Earline: I bet he was once almost as handsome as Muscles is.
Mama: Well, nobody is quite like Muscles in many ways. There are a few who came close in their day- Sean, Roger, Pierce. Those 007 men.. Well, hm… that was acting, although it was fun.
Earline: I better get this done, Mama.  Don’t you have a meeting with the contractor in a few minutes?
Mama: Yes, I do. So many details. (Smiles) And the devil is in the details.
Mama turns and exits the office singing softly: All I needed was a slight distraction for an hour or two…