Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mama Cleans Out the Closet- Part 1

Mama: Step lively, Earline, we have a LOT to get done today. The work crews are coming on Monday and we still have several closets to clean out.
Earline: But you said we would set a timer and only work for 30 minutes and then stop.
Mama: Earline- stop whining. You know this is a huge job and volunteering your time will benefit many deserving athletes with affordable housing while they move into intense prep for next summer’s Olympic Games. They have enough to do with athletic training schedules.  And not worry about making ends meet in this way.
Earline: yes, ma’am. I realize this. I am truly grateful for the job and all the other support…
Mama: Then let’s go. Ah- here we are- Bedroom 1 in the American Wing- the Retton Suite. I see the bins are already here for sorting. Discard (we may need a bigger one), Sell, Repurpose, Other. Now, 30 minutes and then a break. I hope the electricity is functioning…
Earline: I got my iPad all ready to write up stuff. The battery is all charged just like you said.
Mama: It is called taking inventory. We have no idea what we may find that could be valuable to someone. And we don’t “got” anything.
Earline: Yes ma’am. I have…
Mama: Very well then. I will bring out the first box- Good Lord- white faux leather Go Go boots.
Earline: Go Go- why say it twice? Where would you Go Go in those awful things?
Mama: (slips them on her feet): Oh- a perfect fit. This brings back mem… (Clears throat) Well, dear, young women such as yourself would earn money dancing in entertainment establishments in cages poised above the customers. And one kept one's clothes on, too. This was the Disco Age. You do know about Disco, don’t you? Gloria Gaynor sang such lively tunes. She and I…Well, never mind.
Earline: Yup, er Yes, ma’am. I have seen those big silver sparkly balls in videos.
Mama: Yes, it was a whole culture. We, er, dancers wore short dresses, Go Go boots, big hair, white pearl lipstick…
Earline: Like the Kardashians?
Mama: *cough* Well, not exactly.
Earline: (typing) One pair ugly white boots
Mama: (moving feet and humming) I love the nightlife, I want to boogie…
Earline: Mama- what are you doing???
Mama: Come on Earline- You can do this- (spins, gyrates in slick 60’s moves, sings).
Earline: (Into phone) Hello? Muscles? You better come up here fast- I think Mama is having a seizure.
Mama: See that girl, watch that scene- I’M the Dancing Queen.
 Ah, ah, ah, ah Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive!!!
Muscles: (Runs into room and stops short) Er- Ok, Earline- Why don’t you go down and help Tom Tricep demo the kitchen. I am sure he needs you. I’ve got this covered here. (Pushes Earline out and locks door.)
Mama: Well, you can tell by the way I move…
Muscles: (envelops mama in his arms) (whispering): Yes, I surely can.
Mama: *Giggle*