Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Little Something about Nothing

Two friends meet for no particular reason.

Friend One: So how are you today?

Friend Two: OK.

Friend One: That’s it? Just OK? Usually you are bursting with tantalizing gossip and exciting information.

Friend Two: There’s nothing to say today.

Friend One: There’s always something to say. Are you feeling ill?

Friend Two: No.

Friend One: Sad?

Friend Two: No.

Friend One: Depressed?

Friend Two: No.

Friend One: Angry?

Friend Two: No.

Friend One: Frustrated?

Friend Two: No.

Friend One: Introspective?

Friend Two: Not particularly.

Friend One: Happy?

Friend Two: Not really.

Friend One: Tired?

Friend Two: No. Got a good night’s sleep.

Friend One: Excited?

Friend Two: Nothing exciting happening.

Friend One: Satisfied?

Friend Two: I guess. Nothing unsatisfactory to jar my neutrality.

Friend One: So today you are just coasting along using up oxygen.

Friend Two: That’s about it. But so are you. Using up more oxygen with all your questions.

Friend One: But I am generating energy. And CO2 for plants to use to make more oxygen.

Friend Two: And I’m not.

Friend One: Not what?

Friend Two: Productively perpetuating planetary permanence.

Friend One: But you are.

Friend Two: How?

Friend One: You’re stabilizing the ebb and flow of mood extremes.

Friend Two: Yep. I sure am.

Friend One: See- that’s actively using energy to de-energize other forces. Entropy and photosynthesis are in balance.

Friend Two: Really, now, that’s pushing the limits of something that must be related to quantum theory. It makes no sense.

Friend One: Yep.

Friend Two: And we’re getting too philosophical.

Friend One: Yep.

Friend Two: So can we drop it?

Friend One: Yep.

Friend Two: Photosynthesis? You haven’t spoken that word since 9th grade, I’m sure.

Friend One: Yep.

Friend Two: So are you ready for a green beverage? Here come those Irish brothers, right on time. In kilts!

I feel a spurt of loquaciousness and energy returning. 

Friend One: Yep. Inspiration is the key.

Friend Two: Drink up, all. Celebrate all things Irish. Happy St Paddy’s Day!

Friend One: Yep!